Reineck , Hans-Erich

Depositional Sedimentary Environments : with reference to terrigenous clastics / Hans-Erich Reineck; Indra Singh. - Alemania : Springer-Verlag , 1986. - xix, 551 páginas : fotografias, gráficas, imagenes ; 28 cm.

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Part I. Primary Structures and textures.-- Part II. Modern Environments.

From the reviews: "...This is an extremely useful reference text for the sedimentary geologist to own. It is well produced with clear illustrations and text, and gives excellent factual information on a large number of topics."
(Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology)
"...represents a significant contribution to the literature of geoscience. It should be in the library of anyone seriously intereted in sedimentology."(Marine Geology)
"This book is still unsurpassed in providing a good, basic synthesis of modern sedimentary environments, especially the physical attributes of the deposits being formed and the processes responsible..." (Sedimentary Geology)

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