Structural design of low-rise buildings in cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber [electronic resource] / J. R. Ubejd Mujagic, J. Daniel Dolan, Chukwuma G. Ekwueme, David A. Fanella, Roger A. LaBoube. - Chicago, Ill. : McGraw-Hill Education LLC., c2012. - x, 432 p. : ill.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

A. About the international code council -- B. Preface -- C. About the authors -- 1. Low-rise building systems -- Introduction -- Definition of low-rise buildings -- Applicable design documents and design process -- Low-rise building types and properties -- References -- 2. Loads and load paths in low-rise buildings -- Introduction -- Load effects -- Load combinations -- Load paths -- Examples -- References -- 3. Structural materials -- Cold-formed steel materials -- Reinforced masonry -- Timber mechanical properties -- Open-web joist systems -- References -- 4. Design of cold-formed steel structures -- Introduction -- Cold-formed steel framing -- Design specifications and materials -- Manufacturing methods and effects -- Design methodology -- Section property calculations -- Effective-width concept -- Tension members -- Flexural members -- Concentrically loaded compression members -- Combined tensile axial load and bending -- Combined compressive axial load and bending -- Welded connections -- Bolted connections -- Screw connections -- Other resources -- Example problems -- References -- 5. Structural design of reinforced masonry -- Introduction -- Load paths and analysis -- Design of masonry members subjected primarily to flexure (and shear) -- Design of masonry members subjected to axial loads and flexure -- Shear walls -- Design of walls loaded out of plane (slender walls) -- Connections in masonry -- References -- 6. Design of structural timber -- Introduction -- Basic design philosophy -- Flexural members -- Tension members -- Compression members -- Connections -- Shear walls -- Diaphragms -- Serviceability -- Seismic design and detailing requirements -- International building code -- References -- 7. Open-web steel joist systems -- Introduction -- Non-composite open-web steel joists -- Composite open-web steel joists -- Cold-formed steel deck -- International building code -- References -- A. Backmatter -- International green construction code (igcc) -- Sustainable attributes verification and evaluation™ (save™).

"A concise, practical guide to structural design using steel, masonry, and timber Structural Design of Low-Rise Building in Cold-Formed Steel Reinforced Masonry, and Structural Timber authoritatively covers the primary aspects of structural design of low-rise buildings in the most common materials--cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber. Cold-formed steel was recently added to the NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) structural exams, and this book also serves as a complete Professional Engineer/Structural Engineer exam study guide. Structural Design of Low-Rise Building in Cold-Formed Steel Reinforced Masonry, and Structural Timber Discusses concepts associated with day-to-day design Covers Steel Joist Institute (SJI) open-web joist systems Includes the most recent changes in fundamental code requirements pertaining to structural timber, reinforced masonry, and cold-formed steel Addresses loading requirements for low-rise buildings Presents the most important code changes pertaining to IBC-based design of structural masonry, cold-formed steel, and structural timber/wood"--Provided by publisher.

9780071767927 (print) 0071767924 (print)

Structural analysis (Engineering).

TA645 / .S753 2012


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