Mondal, S. K.,

Steel metallurgy properties, specifications and applications / [electronic resource] : S. K. Mandal. - New York, N.Y. : McGraw-Hill Education LLC., c2015. - xv, 343 p. : ill., figs., tables.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes.

A. Dedication -- B. Preface -- Disclaimer -- C. Acknowledgements -- 1. Introduction to steel: metallurgical characteristics and properties -- Introduction -- Introduction to steel, steel types and grouping of steels -- Importance and uniqueness of steel -- Introduction to properties of steels: property types and influencing factors -- Fabrication properties of steels -- Influence of microstructures on the properties of steels -- Difference between steel and cast iron: structure, properties and applications -- Summary -- Further readings -- 2. Formation of microstructures in steel: structure–property relationship -- Introduction -- Introduction to iron-carbon equilibrium diagram -- Austenite decomposition: formation of ferrite and pearlite -- Austenitic decomposition under isothermal and continuous cooling conditions: formation of bainite and martensite -- Nature and character of bainite and martensite -- Uniqueness of martensite: utility and utilisation -- Comparison of structures of ferrite, pearlite, bainite and martensite in steel -- Structure–property relationship in steel -- Summary -- Further readings -- 3. Influence of grain size and inclusions on the properties of steels -- Introduction -- Formation of grains and grain boundaries -- Formation of grains in steel and their structure -- Influence of grain size on mechanical properties of steels -- Grain size determination and measurement -- Formation of inclusions in steel -- Determination of inclusion types and ratings -- Effects of inclusions on the properties of steels -- Summary -- Further readings -- 4. Steelmaking and rolling for quality steel production -- Introduction -- Introduction to steelmaking processes for quality steel -- Salient process features for quality steelmaking -- Features of steelmaking by using ladle furnace and vacuum degassing -- Making clean steels for critical applications -- Killing of steel: killed, rimmed and balanced steels -- Steel casting routes -- Steel defects and their causes -- Constraints and limitations of inclusion control in steel -- Hot rolling processes -- Tasks of steel rolling -- Cold rolling of steel -- Summary -- Further readings -- 5. Properties of steel and their evaluation -- Introduction -- Types of steel properties, their significance and evaluation -- Mechanical and forming properties of steels: scope of testing and evaluation -- Common testing methods for steel -- Fatigue and creep testing of steels -- Low temperature properties of steel and their evaluation -- Formability testing of steels -- Metallographic testing of steels -- Non-destructive testing of steels -- Summary -- Further readings. 6. Classification and specification of steels: purpose, practice and role -- Introduction -- Purpose of steel standards, specifications and grades -- Classification of steels -- Steel standards and grades -- Steel designation system -- Equivalent grade of steels -- Summary -- Further readings -- Appendix to chapter 6 -- 7. Properties and grades of steels: structural, engineering and stainless steels -- Introduction -- Influence of carbon and alloying elements on properties of steels -- Other factors influencing the properties of steels -- Structural steels: properties and applications -- Engineering steels: properties and applications -- Stainless steels: properties and applications -- Summary -- Further readings -- Appendix to chapter 7 -- 8. Heat treatment and welding of steels -- Introduction -- Heat treatability of steels -- Heat treatment types and processes -- Surface hardening -- Thermo-chemical processes of hardening -- Development of special heat treatments: martempering and austempering -- Welding -- Metallurgical aspects of steel welding and precautions -- Summary -- Further readings -- Appendix to chapter 8 -- 9. Selection and application of steel: role of quality, cost and failure analysis -- Introduction -- Introduction to reliability in performance -- Quality goals and quality cost -- Characteristics of failure in service life -- Sources of faults and failure: role of stress raisers and stress concentration in steel -- Failure modes and mechanisms: learning points for steel applications -- Prevention of failures: ultimate of steel application -- Summary -- Further readings -- 10. Selection and application of steels: case studies -- Introduction -- Road map to selection of steel: a review -- Case studies for steel selection and application: structural and flat product steels (sheet steel) -- Case studies of steel selection and application: engineering and long product steels -- Summary -- Further readings -- A. Appendices -- B. Glossary -- C. Bibliography.

This highly illustrated resource covers the characteristics, properties, specifications, heat treatment, and application of steels for engineering students, non-metallurgical engineers, and technicians, who will become "industry ready" with the information in this practical guide.

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Steel --Metallurgy.

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